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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What Another BLOG???

This is so funny.... soooo I was signing on to AOLIM when I noticed a online name on my buddy list. It was a IM name that I could IM and have my entry published to my blog straight to that IM... pretty cool, but I haven't used that BLOG in like forever. SOOO, I went on there to look at it and found out that I had started it exactly one year yesterday! Well I am happy to say that I am doing much better at the blog posting, and even happier to say that I was one up on most of you BLOGGERS as I had already started this a year ago, HAHAHA! ANYWAY, I am going to copy and paste the few posts I had on my AOL Blog to this one!

Here we go!

Thursday, May 12, 2005
2:21:43 AM PDT

I am so tired now, Good night!

Saturday, November 27, 2004
12:17:02 PM PST

I'm walkin on Sunshine, and don't it feel good, yeah! Hey!

Thursday, November 4, 2004
4:39:33 PM PST
Feeling Quiet
Hearing Kim Possible

Tired Today
I am getting ready for the Totally Scrappin event. I am so tired, I don't want to go. How about if I just have a little nap? That would be nice...

Tuesday, November 2, 2004
8:12:16 AM PST
Feeling Happy
Hearing Munching

I just had to pop in and say that Christmas Manderin Oranges make me very happy! Oh so happy!

8:05:08 AM PST
Feeling Quiet
Hearing The hum of David's computer...

Yesterday's review and what's on the horizon...

Yesterday was David's birthday as you read yesterday. I went generally well. He loved his new Portfolio Briefcase and Wallet. We went to Black Angus for dinner and had some great food. While taking pictures of David and Hunter opening presents, Hunter got cranky and wanted to put his finger in his nose for the last picture. I got frustrated with him and sent him to his room. After that, I put the dogs to the poarch and Jazzmyne snapped and I told her to shut up... the mood was yucky. I sat down with David and we talked a little bit before I got Hunter from his room.
After we got done with dinner, we went to COSTCO so that David could pick something else out for his birthday. We looked around the whole store and he ended up only getting a DVD. Hunter and I made off like bandits! We got a new HUGE Christmas train to go around one of our Christmas trees... it is very cool and I am sure that it will be a shining moment every Christmas from now on with our family!
Today, it is early. 7:49am is what my computer says right now. *** This just in.... David called me from work just now. He was overwhelmed ecause he woke up and hour before he was supposed to, to meet with his friend Ross for a study. Ross wasn't there... David realized that he wasn't there because David came and hour early. You see I haven't changed our room clock back for the Day Light Savings yet, LOL! David's watch clock stopped too. Hehehe! Oh well! WHERE WAS I?
So, today Hunter reaaaaly wants to put that Christmas train together. BUT I have some people coming over, one is a small child so I am recommending to Hunter that we wait until I pick him up after Pre-School. As I type this, I am reading it out loud to him. He is having a coniption fit! Hahaha! Poor little guy! We will put it together AFTER school.
I must take Hunter monthly school fees today of $250. After I pick him up, I am bringing him with me to COSTCO where I will get my eyes checked. They have been twitching for the past month. It's kind of weird... I don't like it. I am getting old I guess and I sit in front of the darn computer too much! Well, until later....

Monday, November 1, 2004
10:31:25 AM PST
Feeling Anxious
Hearing Strawberry Shortcake, loll!

Happy Halloween! & Happy Birthday David!

We had a GREAT Halloween this year! Hunter dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and had a riot! We got great pictures for his scrapbook and I can't wait to do them up!
Happy birthday to my loving husband today! He is 36 years old! Wooo! 40 is in reach now and so far away from where I am! My guy does not seem 36!
I will post more later when I figure out this whole BLOG thing. It's my first one you see and there is so much to do work wise and getting ready for tonight when we take Daddy out for his birthday!

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