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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hunter Was Baptised

Two Sundays ago when we were at church, Hunter asked me about the baptismal font. I let him know about it, he immediately told me that he wanted to be baptised. He had asked several month ago and was curious but decided that he was not ready. So after the service we took him to talk to Pastor Johnny and the pastor asked him some questions and told him about baptism. Pastor asked Hunter when he wanted to do this and Hunter said that he wanted to do it the next Sunday. So, he did it! What a sweet boy. He was so excited and pleased all week. Asking us if we were happy! Hunter is so loving and gentle and so sweet at this age. Hunter accepted the Lord, Jesus as his personal savior over a year ago in the AWANA program! I will cherish these times always!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Baby Lost His FIRST Tooth!!!

At last! His birthday is on March 2nd and he will be 7, and he had finally lost his first tooth! LOL! I am glad that they are starting to fall out because they are looking mighty worn! LOL!

Yesterday when I went to pick Hunter up from school he was so excited. He said "Mommy, mommy, I have some GREAT news! My tooth is loose!!!" I asked him when he first felt that his tooth was loose and he went on to tell me that he was chewing on something and just felt it pop! I asked him if he was chewing on his pencil. I was correct, haha!

When we got home he asked if he could bite into an apple to help get it loose. We did'nt have any apples so I asked him if carrotts were ok. He agreed. I asked him how many he wanted, he said 50! I said, how about a bowl full!

Anyways, that night when David put him to bed, he was working away on his tooth. Ten minutes after he came running out with his tooth in his hand! I couldn't believe it! He looks so precious with a little gap in his smile and you can even tell he has a missing tooth when he talks, hehehe! Here he is after pulling it out and then the next day after the tooth fairy came with a certificate and $1.25!

My sweet precious boy is growing up!

Monday, February 05, 2007


I am SO stinkin excited! I found out this morning via email (because when they called 6 times, we were already sleeping, lol) that my baby neice, my sisters first baby, was born 6 week premature lastnight! Here is the email I got...

Dear All,

She came almost 6 weeks early, but Jolie Patricia Jones was keen as mustard
to enter the world this morning (5th Feb) at 8.05am. She weighed a petite 4
pounds 3 ounces. Like her dad, she likes to hit the ground running,
although she showed it by being born feet first (ouch indeed!).

Shanna did a super job with broken water to birth in 6 hours. Jolie will
need to stay in hospital 4-6 weeks until she matures enough to take home.

Many thanks to those who have already provided their best wishes.

Shanna & Ron & Jolie

I can't believe it! My mom and I are slated to go to Australia to visit them March 20th! Jolie came too early! But if she will be in the hospital for 4-6 weeks, that may be just perfect... My sister and her hubby will have had lots of time with her by the time we get there then my mom and I can cuddle her all we want! Woohoo!

Here are the first pictures!