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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Door Hanging

This is my Spring Door Hanging. It includes a big candle in the middle with pearl drop strings peeking out the top of the bucket. Bucket is Southern Living at Home... probably about 8 years old. I picked up the flowers today at Michaels with a coupon. I was going to use the flowers on a wreath but I couldn't find my Spring wreath readily so I went with this option for now.


Monday, April 16, 2012

National Scrapbooking Day Super Contest

What better way to celebrate National Scrapbooking day then to win some really great prizes?  We couldn’t agree more, so thanks to our friends at Homeketeers we are giving away some great prizes in honor of National Scrapbooking day.
One Grand Prize Winner:
  • Tim Holtze Vagabond – value $249.99
  • 10 scrapbooking Kits – value $220.00
One First Prize Winner:
  • Pink Sizzix Sidekick – value $39.99
  • 7 scrapbooking kits – value $150.00
Two Second Place Prize Winners:
  • 5 scrapbooking kits – value $110.00

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Decorating

In the spring I start getting restless and want to change everything in my home. Well, DH is out of town this week and that is usually when things happen in the house! One year he went away on a trip and came back to no carpet on the bedroom floor. It's cause I pulled it all up and found hardwood under there! He was so impressed that we ended up pulling all the carpet up in the house. We only had to have the hallway resurfaced and fixed. But I digress! 

I have done a few things this weekend. Reworking the mantel and created a wall of framed maps.

I had a dark painting of fruit above my mantel for winter/after Christmas and it was just feeling too drab. So I took everything down and off the mantel and decided to do frames and mirrors. I am not done the decorations yet, but this is how the layering of the frames looks:

Interesting... I see the mirror is reflecting the photos I have on the opposite wall in this photo. I have 2 mirrors and 2 frames stacked together. White, silver, platinum and gold. I have my fall mantel posted here if you are curious to see that.

While I was downstairs getting some laundry done, my son found some old toys that he wanted to play with. He wanted to stay down there so I went ahead and started to tackle my scrapbooking room mess. I noticed 5 IKEA frames that I had purchased before Christmas and remembered that I wanted to do a project with them. It was inspired by something I found on Pinterest.

This is my guide for the wall hangings. After I cut out all the States/Provence that I have lived in, I taped this on the wall to see where I wanted to hang the pictures up at. 

Here is the result. I did not  end up putting them exactly where I put the push pins but they are close. I wanted to have the same amount of spacing between the frames but have them placed in relatively the same space as they were on the map. Sorry I had to take the photo sideways because there is a closet right in front of that wall.

Next project I might like to do is to take all of our license plated from each place and string them together. Inspiration maybe something like another project I found on Pinterest.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Body by Vi - ViSalus Sciences: AMAZING!


Thanks for checking out my site. I am so excited about the Body by Vi™ Challenge!
This 90 Day Challenge has already helped people lose millions of pounds! Close to 50,000 new people are joining the Challenge every month...that is over 1,000 a day!
The Body by Vi™ Challenge was created by ViSalus Sciences®, the company behind one of the fastest growing health movements in the world.

ViSalus is challenging the world to set a personal goal and make health a priority for at least 90 days, while awarding the participants with over $10,000,000 a year in free product, prizes and vacations.

Body by Vi was even featured on the latest cover story of Success From Home Magazine, and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.
This thing is exploding! That is why they gave me this great website to help share the Challenge with others.

Body by Vi Challenge Kits

I love it because it's SIMPLE! It’s as easy as setting a 90 day goal and choosing which of the four ViSalus Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits fits with your goal…then let the products do the rest!

Because each kit centers around the Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, we won't be adding any additional cost to our budgets. We’re simply taking the money we currently spend on eating out and grocery bills and putting it toward a simpler, faster, and much healthier option!

The success stories I have seen so far are amazing!
On top of saving money on food bills, they have a program called Refer 3, Get Your Next Month Free! Simply refer three others to the same or greater Challenge Kit as you, and they'll ship your next kit for free! Maintain 3, and your products are always FREE!

Who do you know right now that may want to lose a few pounds, build some lean muscle, or maybe just focus on their health with you for 90 days? I bet you know more than 3... so you can earn your product for FREE!

The Opportunity

For those who really love promoting the Challenge, ViSalus has created a career path where people can earn spare-time, part-time, or full-time income by simply sharing the Challenge with others. There are over 10 new people a day qualifying for new BMWs just for promoting the Challenge!
Who wouldn't want to save money on food, make a little extra income helping people get healthy, and get their car payment covered by ViSalus?

The Challenge is attracting a very diverse group of promoters, including college students, nationwide gym chains, stay at home parents, fitness legends, retired couples, celebrities, business executives, professional athletes, and everyone in between.

Follow these 3 Quick Steps Right Away:

  1. Call this 4 minute pre-recorded Information Line: (507) 726-3700
  2. Watch the short videos at the top of this website
  3. Provide your contact information above so you can watch a special video explaining how the Challenge can possibly help you and your family!

The more that I learn, the more that I am realizing that the Challenge is not as much about what we have to lose, but more about what we have to gain in the process.
So my last question to you is...are you up for taking the Challenge with me?

Go to my main website and fill your name out on the right side. :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEW Publishing Products

5 x 5 Greeting Cards
Square cards are everywhere this holiday season and Heritage Makers has them! Perfect for celebrations of any kind these cards will add an entire new dimension to our card offerings.
4 x 8 and 8 x 4 One-sided Photo Cards
Want to send cards to everyone you know this holiday season. One of our newest cards is a super sleek design and an exceptional value that will cost Club members around 50 cents.
11.5 x 8.5 Tri-fold Brochure
This heavy-duty business offering comes in pack of 20 and makes the perfect Christmas letter, team roster or standing menu.
6 x 9 Booklet
If you like our 8.5 x 11 booklet, you’ll love its smaller cousin the 6 x 9 booklet. The standard 16 pages are just the right size for a program, neighborhood recipe book or child’s art book. The booklet is expandable to 32 pages in four-page increments.
8 x 8 Soft-bound Book
A fabulous and inexpensive book for those kid or school stories, this 21-page, soft-cover book is perfect bound and expandable to 50 pages.
12 x 12 Wrapped Canvas
Possibly the most applauded new product, the 12 x 12 canvas is the perfect size for wall groupings or photos of every family member.
Pearl Paper
Choose pearl paper at check out for an extra dash of style on cards or 12 x 12 scrap pages. With its glittery, pearlescent finish, this upgrade will be a winner for baby announcements, holiday cards and wedding invitations.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I need to pin...

So far my "Been There Done That" board is slim pickings...
but I know it will get full this summer!! WOOT!