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Saturday, May 26, 2007

DONE! 2004 Family Album!

Got my 2004 Family done! It tooklonger than usual because there are SO many photos in this kit~! I love it though because I CAN fit so many pictures on the pages! I can't wait to get it published into a photobook through LifeTimez!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Short Hair Photo for Sunny

Hey Sunny girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wanted to see my short hair... here it is! 8 inches shorter than what it was before I went to Australia! Ahhh!~

Yes, I am a little obsessed with red color spots lately... The signature ladybug of course and the black and white polkadots... I think I was infatuated with them before Heidi Swapp!

David and I took a million photos of me today because TLC wanted a photo and my bio for convention or something and I didn't want to use an old photo. I learned that you need to give a true representation of yourself because when people see you in person and you look nothing like your photo they are disapointed, lol!

Remember Alaska when I colored my hair dark brown before I went and the last photo seen of me to my team I had blonde hair? Well, I heard someone say that my photo was a lie... pretty harsh I know. Sorry that my hair was a different color and not put up on my head like my photo!

So THIS photo is what I look like this minute. A 30 year old lady who could stand to loose some pounds and who cringes at most photos of herself. Not much different than how most women feel about themselves in photos. This is as good as it gets right now! But, I DO like myself even if I have some work to do!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Self Portrait - Challange

I really want to get some goodies from Elsie... She is doing a challenge for everyone to take a fun, funny, silly or serious self portrait... I took this picture of myself on a whim right before church one Sunday...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Family Updates...

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to post to let you know of some updates, praises, and prayer requests!

Hunter - He is doing great! I am so glad and sad at the same time that school is ending in a few weeks! Hunter is looking forward to graduating from the 1st grade and going into the 2nd. He said to me the other day, "Mommy, I'm so happy to be graduating then I won't be going to this school anymore!" I asked him why he wouldn't be going to that school anymore and that 2nd grade was going to be there. He didn't understand there for a minute that he doesn't go to a different school every time he graduates from a year. LOL! He is excited that our community pools have opened this week and I am sure we will be spending most of he summer in the pool!

This summer, Hunter will be going to camp! He will be gone for a few days. He LOVES the outdoors and outdoor activities, so I am sure it will be a big hit!

Karma (Me) - My website designing business has been going very well, in fact I am a little backed up with work on that! So that is cool! My scrapbooking business is going fine, but the big news there is that I have been hired to be a digital designer for Top Line Creations! This means I will design digital papers, and elements and page kits for those who are addicted to scrapbooking on their computer! It is all the rage right now! So I am super excited about that. I will be going to the convention this July and will be presented as a new designer for the company. This is a huge honor!

Our church had an audition for Praise (Worship) Team members a few weeks ago. The judges were from a different church and are well known voice teachers/clinicians, around here. I tell ya, it was the longest audition I have ever been through! Anyway, I am happy to say that I am once again singing for the Lord on our praise team there as well as in the choir. I was one of only two picked from the whole group who auditioned, so that is a huge honor again. While my mom was here last month, I sang a solo at church and my mom was so happy! The Lord has really blessed us with this church!

David - David is a hard worker as you all know, as well as an amazing man! David is now playing the keyboard at the church (like he could get away from not playing anything, haha) He is really enjoying that and using the different sounds on the keyboard to really make the music that much special. He is also playing the piano for the men's Saturday morning breakfasts too.

Along with working with me on our website development business, David has been working at Excel Communications since we got here last June. Can you believe is has almost been a year since we have been gone? Well, yesterday, David was let go from his job. They were restructuring the company for the 3rd time in the last year and they let 10 IT people go yesterday. So, even though I could tell that he was rehearsing what he was going to say to me when he got home at 11am yesterday, I felt calm and I am not worried at all. The Lord will provide for us just the same as he has this whole year! David is out right now at his head hunters office and there are many DBA jobs that are in the area. He may even be able to make more with a new job now. Please pray for him as I know he would appreciate that!

Thanks for continuing to be our friends and having a place in our hearts!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Removing Chewing Gum from Fabric

So, my DH sat himself down on a pile of bubblegum the other day. I am thinking it was Trident by the way it smelled, lol! Anyway, these were a BRAND NEW pair of Levis and I had to find a way to get that gum off. This may be helpful to someone else some day:

Removing Chewing Gum from Fabric

If you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation by getting chewing gum on your clothes, there are ways to get it off that are safe for your garments .

Using a dull knife lift the gum off the fabric. Then, rub ice on the stain. This will help harden the rest of the gum so you can lift it off more easily.

If the fabric is washable…

You should spray the stain with a pre-wash spray. Let it set for five or ten minutes. Saturate the stain again with the pre-wash spray, rubbing the gummed area to dissolve the gum. Work some laundry detergent into the stain, then rinse it well with hot water. You should hold the stained area under the faucet so the gummy residue can be rinsed off.

If the gum remains, repeat the process. If not, launder the item using a bleach that is safe for that fabric.

If the fabric is non-washable…

To remove gum stains from non washable items, you should sponge the stained area with a cleaning fluid such as Energine or Renuzit or Carbona. You can usually get these products in drug stores or houseware departments.

Test an area first…

Always test cleaning fluid in a place that doesn't show. If the fluid doesn't seem to hurt the fabric, you can use it. Place the stained side of the fabric face down on a clean paper towel. Sponge the back of the stain with cleaning fluid. If the paper towel doesn't absorb the gum, tap the back of the stained area with a spoon. The sturdier the fabric the harder you can tap. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Consult professionals…

For valuable, dry-clean-only items, have the stain removed professional. Be sure to point the stain out to the cleaners.

The Georgia Cooperative Extension Service is not endorsing any products mentioned. There may be others that work equally well to remove chewing gum stains as those named. You may check labels and ask for such products where cleaning supplies are sold.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What Happened to Me?

When I started blogging back in 2004 on the AOL blog, I wrote a whole bunch of random thoughts and daily activities down. Those posts seemed to be a little more interesting than these one sentence posts with a picture. So I will make it a goal to make my posts a little bit more interesting, lol!

This morning started as usual. The alarm goes off at 7am, I hit the snooze button twice. Then I figure that I better get up because the school is CrAzY for giving tardies for only being 1 minute late even. THEN they have the nerve to count it as a real LATE and that goes on Hinter's record as being late! I mean LATE is more like 10 minutes for a record.

I get Hunter up and dress him myself because he is just as much of a morning person as I am. NOT! I ask him what he wants for breakfast. I WAS a toaster strudle for about 2 months straight but now he has changed his mind and doesn't like them anymore. So I have 3 boxes of them in my freezer. Today he had a smoothie (I usually am not in the mood nor do I usually have time to make them on a school morning)and lucky charms, with milk. I am surprised he asked for milk in his cereal today because he usually doesn't want any at all!

Since I still do not have a car and haven't had one since we sold our last year before we moved from CA, we hop on our bikes and ride to school. With 7 minutes to go until the bell rings, Hunter is safe and sound inside of the school. I ride home and get the usual looks from the other parents in their cars. One can only imagine what they are thinking. Either oh, that poor woman, she doesn't have a car and always has to ride her bike to school even if it's pouring rain out! OR WOW, that woman is SO dedicated to exercising on her bicycle every morning! I sure wish that I had her dedication! LOL!!! The best thing about riding your bike to school on rainy or frosty mornings is taking a corner too fast and falling down right in front of the line of parents in their cars waiting to drop off their children!

I was in the habit of going back to sleep as soon as I got home, but the past month I have been hopping right onto the computer. Today I got on, did the usual, checked my email, my message board, my layout gallery and to see if any of my friends have made any fun posts on their blogs. After that I decided that I was going to digi scrap my 2004 year and review album. I am using a kit from TLC called "Photobooth Fun" You can find it on my TLC website It is a simple kit and really usues a TON of photos. As of now, I am done 28 pages worth of photos but now I am going back and adding some journaling (which has never been my forte) and also a few embellishments, since this kit is just made of photos.

2pm comes along, while I am on the computer I like to have the tv on, that way I don't have to watch my shows that I TIVO'ed at noght until all hours of the night anymore.(Used to do that) So, 2pm I watch Little House on the Prairie. Yeah, I know, I'm funny... but there is something about those shows that I love. Kind of like how I have seen Anne of Green Gables a million times. Speaking of AoGG, have you seen the 3rd installment? Kinda strange... go check it out here. Back to LHOTP - it was the one where Walnut Grove goes out of business because of the railway so they have to move to the city. It is pretty emotional... but this is also the one whereMary (now blind) goes to teach at the school for the blind and Laura meets Albert for the first time, hehehe!

So, instead of geting Hunter some dinner, because NOW it's 5:25 I am sitting here typing because I feel like it. Tonight Hunter has AWANA. He is working on memorizing the books of the bible. We are doing it by listening to a silly song. Hear it here.

I will post that 2004 album when I get it done! TTFN!

P.S. Hunter got 2 hamsters last week... we adopted them actually... will write more about them later... in the meantime, here is a picture!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Family 2005


So I have been playing with my LifeTimez digital software and the TLC digital kits. I decided to use a simple kit called "Through the Years" You can get these things at my website here:

Check it out!

You can see the layouts larger at