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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exercise? What's that?

So, I was on my Leaving Prints team message board today where we have a Weightloss Category and I was doing so well motivating everyone to exercise... well, that was short lived... here is my latest post on my team forum:

"The reality is that good intentions are rarley kept! UGH! So, yes, I did fall off the bandwagon of excercising! I had VERY good intentions of getting on the eliptical at the Y while Hunter was taking gymnastics but they had the gym room closed down for their yearly maintainence, LOL! SOOOO, I walked around the mall and bought stuff instead, mind you, it was a brisk walk!Nothing today, I am too depressed to exercise, I know I know, if I exercise it will make me feel better. But, you know "those days," right?I feel like this is my BLOG forum."

So, how do you think that is going to make them feel? Hopefully they won't feel down because I am stressed out! I don't want to rub off that way. Well, this is how I am feeling. Things with Hunter is school are weighing me, I am not happy about him in school right now.

I almost feel like taking him out and homeschooling, but would that be the solution, or would that just make me more stressed out trying to get him to listen to me in a "school setting."

Today in choir we are all dressing up for Halloween. I will be Guenivere... who ever that is, LOL! I just saw the costume and it was pretty and it fit so I bought it! I wonder what David is going to wear, or if he will even remember to go and get something. hmmmm. should I remind him again?

Here is my latest kreation for design team by the way, we were to make 1-2 Christmas cards, I made two but only liked this one. It is kind of two cards in one. The front "Peace" part opens, then the whole card opens. It is using all Leaving Prints product of course!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Twitching Eyes

Ugh.... why am I feeling so stressed out? Hunter has been a handful. He is having problems adjusting to Kindergarten. Can you say, let's visit the principals office 3 times in a few weeks???

Anyway, today David will pick him up after school and take him to swimming lessons. He is a great little swimmer, my little fishy! After that they will come home and play. We have scrapbooking tonight and David has gotten a babysitter so that he can scrap too. I am glad that my hubby likes to scrapbook, he is a real man, hehehehe! Our goal is to get as much, if not all caught up on our pictures before we have another baby! That's a lot of scrappin', especially when we keep taking pictures! LOL!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Second BLOG Experience

Well, here I am "waisting time" blogging... I starting doing this on AOL but then I got rid of AOL after over 10 years!!! Can you believe it? No, me neither! OK, SOOOOOO... I am doing this so I can write down my own thoughts and feelings about everyday life and I will be adding a link from what will be our new family website! On with the show.....