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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hunter Was Baptised

Two Sundays ago when we were at church, Hunter asked me about the baptismal font. I let him know about it, he immediately told me that he wanted to be baptised. He had asked several month ago and was curious but decided that he was not ready. So after the service we took him to talk to Pastor Johnny and the pastor asked him some questions and told him about baptism. Pastor asked Hunter when he wanted to do this and Hunter said that he wanted to do it the next Sunday. So, he did it! What a sweet boy. He was so excited and pleased all week. Asking us if we were happy! Hunter is so loving and gentle and so sweet at this age. Hunter accepted the Lord, Jesus as his personal savior over a year ago in the AWANA program! I will cherish these times always!


Sunny said...

Hunter we are so proud of you! These are great photos and so nice that your Mom already has the pages scrapbooked!

Such a special day for your family, thanks for sharing!

Kohlers (John,Sunny,Kim,Blake,Carson&Ben)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Congrats! So sweet and I love the layouts.