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Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Baby Lost His FIRST Tooth!!!

At last! His birthday is on March 2nd and he will be 7, and he had finally lost his first tooth! LOL! I am glad that they are starting to fall out because they are looking mighty worn! LOL!

Yesterday when I went to pick Hunter up from school he was so excited. He said "Mommy, mommy, I have some GREAT news! My tooth is loose!!!" I asked him when he first felt that his tooth was loose and he went on to tell me that he was chewing on something and just felt it pop! I asked him if he was chewing on his pencil. I was correct, haha!

When we got home he asked if he could bite into an apple to help get it loose. We did'nt have any apples so I asked him if carrotts were ok. He agreed. I asked him how many he wanted, he said 50! I said, how about a bowl full!

Anyways, that night when David put him to bed, he was working away on his tooth. Ten minutes after he came running out with his tooth in his hand! I couldn't believe it! He looks so precious with a little gap in his smile and you can even tell he has a missing tooth when he talks, hehehe! Here he is after pulling it out and then the next day after the tooth fairy came with a certificate and $1.25!

My sweet precious boy is growing up!


LouAnn said...

Woohoo! Aren't they darling with that one tooth out? It doesn't last long, Braden's was out at Christmas and is already almost completely grown in- and no other tooth lost yet! :O He's anxious for another dollar. LOL
Miss ya girl!

Sunny said...

Oh Man!! Way to go Hunter! What a lucky guy. Ben will be so jelous...he still has not lost a tooth yet. He will on Thursday March 1st (I'll blog it).

Don't spend that money all it one place ;)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

so cute! Lucas lost all four, top and bottom within a months time. That was one funny smile.
Also, we didn't get away with only a dollar. All the kids were telling me that the tooth fairy brought $20 for the first tooth!!!
Of course after we caved and did it, we found out that we were the only parents ever to give that much. The tooth fairy has been pretty broke since.