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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oh, Christmas Treeeeee

So, yes, I know.... it's not even Thanksgiving yet and we have our Christmas tree up! YES, with us being Canadian, we have already had our thanksgiving! Last month in fact... so lastnight we started putting up our Christmas decorations.

Today David and Hunter are off to ride on a real time big Thomas the Tank Engine train. We had gone on him a couple years back. Our neighbour had 2 extra tickets. I decided to stay at home and continue to decorate, hmmm, maybe take a name and of course BLOG.

Today I joined a Yahoogroup about Faithbooking for Leaders of small groups of Faithbookers. I would like to start a Faithbooking group. What is Faithbooking you ask? Well it's scrapbooking about your faith, spiritual believes, etc. I have wanted to do it for over a year now. Maybe I will start it up in January, maybe after the Summer time. We will see!

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