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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tomatoes and Bikes


Well, I haven't written in a few days but it's been a busy time! First of all I have to tell you about this funny thing that you would only see on an LA freeway! So we were on the 10 freeway, one of the most busy freeways in the nation.... as we are zooming by on the left lane, I see a full grown tomato plant growing in the cracks on the side of the road! There was a big honkin' tomato growing on it, ONLY in LA! So I said to David, and I coin the phrase, "Now that's somethin' to BLOG about!"

So, remember a few days ago when I was asking what exercise was? Well, I've been doing it! Yesterday at the YMCA while Hunter was at gymnastics I got on the Eliptical, my new favorite machine and I burned 300 callories in 45 minutes. It was great! Today, I let Hunter ride his bike to school while I walked, as soon as he got to the end of the block, I began running. So, 6 blocks there and 6 blocks back.... I am on a roll, lol! How sad!

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