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Thursday, November 03, 2005

David's Blog...

I decided to go to my DH's blog today and see how much he has written... well, I have him beat! Here is what he has so far, pretty whitty!!!

A Day in the Life of...
It all began when our 5 year old
son Hunter cried in the middle of the night as a result of an ear infection and
said "Daddy.... I'm a ruined man." Ever since then, I realized that I needed to
get this and many other choice moments in life down. Somewhere. Might as well be
a blog.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Only the Beginning...
Friday, and I am running through an inventory of the week. This is Hunter's
second full week of kindergarten. We're halfway through September 2005. It's
been several weeks since Hurricane Katrina's damage landed on our shores. We're
gonna start recording sessions for He Reigns next week. Our family could not go
bowling at Pickwick last night as we now found out that Sunday through Thursday
are league nights, which means we gotta get there earlier.

This week
Karma and I discovered that Hunter can REALLY sell chocolates for the school
fundraiser. I mean, the whole box of 30 chocolates was sold in one evening.
Karma and I bought 4, but the rest was him.

Scene 1:Karma is signing
Hunter to the Awana program at the church.Hunter, in loud, strong, excited tone:
"Would anyone like to buy some delicious chocolates? They are only $2 each!"5

Scene 2:Karma and Hunter are walking over to the nursery. A person
is walking toward them.Hunter, in loud, strong, exited tone: "Would you like to
buy a delicious chocolate? They are only $2 each!"1 sold.

Scene 3:Karma
drops off Hunter for the night care before she joins me at choir
rehearsal.Hunter, in loud, strong, excited tone: "Would anyone like to buy some
delicious chocolates? They are only $2 each!"3 sold.

Scene 4:I am
closing the choir in prayer. Karma brought Hunter back from the nursery as the
care for the evening is finished. Hunter is anxiously standing beside me, at the
piano.David, fully aware that Hunter is about to say something, but not sure to
who: "In Jesus' name, Amen."Hunter, in loud, strong, exited tone: "Everybody,
Everybody! Buy some delicious chocolates! They are only $2 each!"17 sold.

Deja-vuHunter's first
lemonade stand at the age of 4, in front of our house. Unabashedly promoting
lemonade that we just made, 15 minutes after he said, "Let's sell lemonade."

David: "Now?"

Hunter, already in the kitchen with spoon in hand:
"Let's get a pitcher, some glasses, and a table."

Before I knew it,
Hunter (decked out in cowboy hat and boots) and I were outside conversing with
neighbors we had not talked to in weeks, all at the same time.

What it
took: 45 minutes, 8 glasses, 1 table, a pitcher of lemonade, and a dash of

Collected: $8.75

Earned Benefit: priceless

Where did Hunter figure out to use that
word 'delicious' with chocolates? We did not even go over a script with him.
Even Barry Burnett, a well known Real Estate broker came up to Hunter and
offered him a job in 13 years from now due to his natural ability to sell.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works
are wonderful,I know that full well.Psalms 139:14

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