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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November is Here!

Hello All!

Today is David's birthday! He is 37 today and it has been a great day! We got him a Sony Playstation 2 with 3 games plus 2 games for Hunter. etc... etc... Yesterday, of course was Halloween. Hunter was supposed to dress up as Sully, the monster from Monsters Inc. but the costume was tooo hot for the So Cal weather, so he was much happier in his batman costume from two years ago! David and I went as Guenivere and Prince Phillip. We had lots of fun and people were so impressed with our costumes, lol!

Speaking of today... Hunter and I got into the SUV to go to school and it was totally dead! It would not start at all and we were already cutting it close to get to school as it was. SOOOOO, we hopped on our razor scooters and off we went, lol! I on my pink one and Hunter on his black one. Yes, we did get looks as we were scooting along, or should I say that I got the look, hahaha! Anyway, we got there just in time, his class was waling down the hall to go to music class, I didn't have to sign in as late, woohoo! and since I am like 50lbs overweight, no thanks to all these invetro drugs, I felt like I was going to die! Eeesssshhhhh!!!

At 4pm I tool Hunter to his new swimming class, as he had passed into the second level last week! He now has the best instructor in the whole Burbank YMCA, I for one was very impressed with Lance, his swimming teacher and was very please with how well Hunter did. One of Hunter's goals is to become an Olympic Medalist!

Anyway, all went well, I made David one of his fave meals, Bullseye bacon, cheese burgers and we had a mint chocolate cake from Coldstone, YUM! It's been a pretty good day, all in all.

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