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Monday, July 23, 2007

TLC Convention - A Success!

This last weekend I attended my first TLC convention. People were asking me how it differed from the LP conventions, lol! There wasn't much difference accept people were a LOT more happy all around! What a breath of fresh air! The new product rocks, the projects were great! I was very happy that I could be there. I was introduced as the newest design team member. I am eager to get started on my assignments! I will be doing 14 pages from the Urban Threads Circles and 14 pages from the Urban Threads Shapes for the LifeTimez digital software and then later on in August I will be doing a Cruise theme when I get my new computer! If you have any ideas to contribute, please post them in the comments section!

Here is a picture of the attendees at convention (I am located at the top facing left, second from the middle on the right!):

Jan Pepe made this digital book out of the professional convention photos and we will have a chance to buy this gem! What a great business tool it will be, I can't wait to get mine!!!

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