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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Scrapbook Room

I have been working on getting my scrapbooking room/ office all unpacked and put together. I know it's going to take a long time because I only have money to do a little at a time for what I really want it to look like and since we are only renting this house for now, I won't be painting the walls at all.

Here is the starting of the first of my "Kreative Korners"

I will post some before and after pictures later as it comes together!!!


Sunny said...

Looks great!! Such a big job, happy scrapping!!

Mimmers49 said...

It is hard to not put your creative finishes on a room. I have never used or seen the wire you like them? I mostly use jars and boxes to hold my stuff. You can come see my storage ideas on my blog. I do have a few cheap storage ideas that might help!!!

Happy Scrapping,

Kimberly in Nevada

P.S. I LOVE the background on your blog, I am new to blogger and don't know how to change mine yet, any tips?