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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Short Hair Photo for Sunny

Hey Sunny girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You wanted to see my short hair... here it is! 8 inches shorter than what it was before I went to Australia! Ahhh!~

Yes, I am a little obsessed with red color spots lately... The signature ladybug of course and the black and white polkadots... I think I was infatuated with them before Heidi Swapp!

David and I took a million photos of me today because TLC wanted a photo and my bio for convention or something and I didn't want to use an old photo. I learned that you need to give a true representation of yourself because when people see you in person and you look nothing like your photo they are disapointed, lol!

Remember Alaska when I colored my hair dark brown before I went and the last photo seen of me to my team I had blonde hair? Well, I heard someone say that my photo was a lie... pretty harsh I know. Sorry that my hair was a different color and not put up on my head like my photo!

So THIS photo is what I look like this minute. A 30 year old lady who could stand to loose some pounds and who cringes at most photos of herself. Not much different than how most women feel about themselves in photos. This is as good as it gets right now! But, I DO like myself even if I have some work to do!


Sunny said...

OH you are so sweet!! This is a great birthday surprise to see you ;) I love it and think it looks so nice. I still think your hair is longer than mine...LOL
Love Ya

Jade said...

Nice hair..;) Who cut it for ya? Looks like a great job...lmao I bet you got it "fixed" when you got home, huh? Love ya sis!

Kim said...

OMG...It looks fabulous!! It's so nice to go shorter once in a while, especially in the summer!
You look Fab and don't ever forget it!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Love the haircut! I think it looks great.