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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Storm in the Neighborhood

Homes were damaged and tress were knocked down as a strong line of storms moved through the state.

There were at least 17 unconfirmed reports of tornadoes across the middle of the state yesterday.

This HUGE tree fell down in the vacant lot just one house down from ours. Thank goodness it fell down now and not after a new house was build there. The tree fell from the back of the lot, forward and too up the whole expanse of the lot to the front.

Many of our neighbors had damage to their homes. Fences knocked down, and some had their houses bashed in by trees. See the bottom photo of a house just on the block across from us! They had just put the house up on the market to move, now they will have to fix it up instead. :(

We were blessed that the only thing that happened at our house were about 5 trees that broken in half and that were uprooted.

It was an amazing sight to see when the wind started whipping up and we all ran downstairs into an inside closet to wait out the storm. The hail was dime sized and it sounded like the windows were going to break.

We are happy that all is well now.... Just a lot of chain saws going today!


Jan said...

Glad to hear you guys are ok! We had those scary storms too, but made it through fine.

Sunny said...

WOW!! Stay safe and I am glad to know your well.

SusieScrapper said...

Glad you guys are safe! A tornado is a lot worse than an earthquake!! You glad you moved?? lol

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

wow, that's quite a storm! I'm glad you are all safe!

Wendy said...

glad you made it through the storm.
Wow that house, can you imagine?

It will be amazing how the community will work together to help one another.