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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Loving Well... Participation Freebie & More

From the Newest Challenge at Faith Sisters:

We need to be constantly dipping into the Loving Well (God) in order to not only love our family and close loved ones, but those we come into contact with in stores, online, Church... all those we come into contact during life.

By dipping into the Loving Well we ourselves can love WELL. That is certainly God's will for us. Bask in His love often, allow Him to love YOU well so that you will be equipped to love others in your life.

This is my participation FREEBIE that I am giving away!

You can also purchase the kit for only $1 from now until February 8th!
After that the price goes up!

Check the Faith Sisters blog for full details and to see what else you can get for free just for participating in this challenge!

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