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Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm an iMac!


Sooooooo, we have been saving up to get me a new computer for a while now. With doing so much more digital scrapbook designing I needed something more powerful than my laptop. It was driving me crazy trying to design new papers or elements and it taking a good 2 minutes just to have one action do it's job!

NOW, I have a screaming iMac! Why an iMac you say? Well we have been told that it is the best computer you can have if you are a graphics designer!

WELLLLL, it's driving me nutz! So many years of being proficient on a PC and now with the iMac, all the shortcuts are different, the folders are different, the software is different! UGH!

Slowly I am getting used to it! I YOU HAVE AN iMAC and could give me a few tips, I welcome any comments on this post! LOL!

Here is my new baby.... well, she is a BIG baby, 24 inches, lol!
YES, the computer is INSIDE of the monitor! No tower to mess with, I could take this puppy to crops if I wanted to, lol!


Sunny said...

OH MAN!! You are so LUCKY! I think it is so beautiful. So proud of you for saving up WAY TO GO!!

Michelle McVaney said...

That is one big screen! You lucky girl! Hope you get used to it soon!

Melissa O. said...

Here are 2 sites that should help with the switch

And for those that want to pretend we have a Mac or at least get the feel of one : )

Jan said...

WOW! That thing is huge! LOL! Have fun learning how to use it!!!

Krystal Hartley said...

Okay...she is BEAUTIFUL...and yes, that's a lovely shade of green that I'm wearing envious!

Anonymous said...

Aack! I can't imagine switching - you are one brave woman!

LouAnn said...

Wow - let me know if you get used to it and love it. I started on a Mac a LOOOONG time ago (won't tell, don't ask) and often wonder if I shouldn't switch back!!!