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Monday, June 04, 2007

Art, Toys, & "Hunting Trophies"

So, it started when my mom wanted a photo of all the art on Hunter's wall. Below you can see all the art he did the past few years that he or I am proud of, lol... along with a few posters of army things and stuff like that!

I am sure Hunter is like the next boy. He LOVES to buy toys! It doesn't matter if he has $5 or $20, he wants to spend it. Well, after 7 years of TONS of little toys and big toy messes, David and I decided that no longer was he going to be able to spend his allowance weekly. (He gets $7 per week if he has done what he is told and his chores for that week) I will admit that we often forget if he hasn't done something that week and he will get the full $7 : So, our plan was to save his allowances for something that he really wants that costs more money. No little toys. So, he has now saved up enough money for some Heelies. You know those shoes with the rollers that pop out of the heel that all the kids either have or want? Well they are like $70! There was no way I was just going to pay for those! Anyway, while I was taking a picture of the art, I thought I would take a picture of the small sampling of toys that are n his train table just under that art!

Last but certainly not least, I want to tell you story about Hunter's behavior in school this year. This being his first "full day" year of school, he was having a little trouble adjusting. They had a smiley face system in place. If he had no problems in 3 different aspects of his day, he would get a smiley face in each of the categories. Well he was having problems. We took away privileges, we had to resort to bribery, etc etc... Then one night we were in bed reading books and he and I were looking through the Oriental Trading Company catalog. Well, he saw a Cork Gun. He KNOWS that I don' like guns, at all. I didn't even want him to have any kind of toys guns at all. Well, as I found out, there is no getting past gun play with little boys. He said that he wanted it so bad and he would do anything for it. This was back before Christmas too. So I gave him terms that I as pretty sure he could never hurdle! I told him that if he got smiley faces everyday for the rest of the year, meaning until he graduated from 1st grade, that I would get him this cork gun. I was laughing in my head because I thought there was NO way with the way things were going now that he would be able to do it. WELLLLLL, as you can see on the wall.... his most PRIZED possession, his CORK GUN! LOL! That little stinker put his mind to something and it worked. To the left you are probably wondering, what the heck? Well, that's his "Sully Skin" that he pretends that he shot with his gun, hanging on the wall, lol!

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

are you sure you didn't take that train table photo at my house? :)

Good for Hunter for earning his cork gun.

We are now paying Lucas for books read, rather than allowance this summer. No more nagging to read. :)