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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Waiting For the Tornado to Come!

Well, the local sirens went off and they were LOUD! There was a tornado warning in effect and we wanted to see it coming. We stood outside in our backyard and watched as the clouds smashed into each other and swirled! It was pretty amazing! From Califonia earthquakes to Texas tornados, what more could our adventerus family ask for?


Sunny said...

Ben and I just watched this, he wants to watch Twister now...LOL So great to watch you all! I love the sound effects by Karma.
Next time you hear the sirens get in the closet!
Love you!

Jade said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious. I'm glad you guys are okay. We saw it on the news here and was wondering if it came near you guys. Or if it wiped out your trailer That would be just your luck, I tell ya. ;)

"Kreative Karma" said...

Oh and YES, we DID watch Twister after that!

NancyJones said...

ROFLMBO sorry I know that is not funny BUT we have tornado warnings here today so IM ROFLMBOOOOO at this. cuz that is what we looked like when the siren went off and the tv went off. Bella (my dd) said JUST MAKE IT STOP I WANNA WATCH DORA why is that sound going Mommy change the TB back. SHe was SOOOO BENT out of shape with the emergency broadcasting service for interupting Dora. I guess I woudl be too.
I guess I better go duck and cover huh...

white_tiger_68 said...

lol, great video. glad you are all ok!!!