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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ok, So we changed our minds...

No, we didn't change our minds about moving. In fact I have been so slack on my blogging (slap my hand) that we have already moved and been here for 3 weeks! So we took a loss on our house in Burbank, so unforseen problems, and so we are starting all over again in Texas. Which is OK because David got a great job that pays him more than his job in Hollywood! We are leasing this really nice home in the same area that we plan to build in. The house is 200sf bigger than our house in Burbank, so we are pretty happy, Also the lease payments are like 1/4 of our mortgage payments in Burbank were, so I think we will be able to catch up very fast. The thing we changed our minds on is which house we are going to build. Well, I keep chainging my mind but now I think I know what I want. (We got our deposit back from the one below, I know it's beautiful) This will be the best for us I think! I will post pictures later if that is the one we are really going to go with, hahaha! In the meantime, now that we are here are I feel better about things, I will try to blog more often! Ciao!

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