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Friday, April 07, 2006

No Lego Land From Me! :o(

OK, so today we were all supposed to go to Lego Land! We were to leave this morning at 7am to drive 3 hours down to San Diego. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a migrain. I was so sad. I knew if I went then I would be so sick all day and stuck 3 hours away from home and throwing up. I let the boys go together and I stayed at home. Went back to bed.... The DARN dogs kept barking and waking me up so I called them in and made them sleep in my bed. They usually just stay under the covers. Then David calls me at 10:30, I was still sleeping. The phone rings 5 times. Then he calls again because I didn't answer it. Goll, this means that an agent wants to show the house for sure. So, I answered the phone, and yes, an agent wanted to come over in 45 minutes. I was a bit upset because in my condition I would now have to pick up everything that everone else left laying around from the day before. I was felling a little better, so I did that and took the dogs out to my favorite fast food place, Baja Fresh.

Now I am just on here taking it easy because I am off to Dallas tomorrow to pick out all of the colors, floors, cabinets, etc of our NEW HOUSE! Yes! It will be done being built in about October! We are very excited! So, that's what's new. I guess journaling isn't that bad!

I will post Lego Land pics when the boys get home!

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