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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The French General

Well, it's been a little while since I blogged... life has been hectic! Something to note tonight! we went to a Christmas party at the French General. David works right across the street from them in Hollywood and has also done some work on their website.

It is always great to go in there, it smells like lavender and is always so amazing to see all the vintage linens and notions. If you are ever in Hollywood and love these kinds of things, go there and tell them Karma sent you!

They were actually just featured on Martha (Stewart) last week. It was so fun to see them on TV. They have also been featured in Memory Makers magazine and Home Companion. The owner Kaari wants me to come down and hang out with them, lol! I am going to bring my layouts with their vintage embellishments on it. Also, I had gotten a gift home box of embellishments a few years back and gave them to my good friend Sunny who designs scrapbooking product. She used some of it in her diecut designs that Leaving Prints has printed and we sell now! I am going to bring them down to Kaari!

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