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Monday, April 16, 2012

National Scrapbooking Day Super Contest

What better way to celebrate National Scrapbooking day then to win some really great prizes?  We couldn’t agree more, so thanks to our friends at Homeketeers we are giving away some great prizes in honor of National Scrapbooking day.
One Grand Prize Winner:
  • Tim Holtze Vagabond – value $249.99
  • 10 scrapbooking Kits – value $220.00
One First Prize Winner:
  • Pink Sizzix Sidekick – value $39.99
  • 7 scrapbooking kits – value $150.00
Two Second Place Prize Winners:
  • 5 scrapbooking kits – value $110.00

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Decorating

In the spring I start getting restless and want to change everything in my home. Well, DH is out of town this week and that is usually when things happen in the house! One year he went away on a trip and came back to no carpet on the bedroom floor. It's cause I pulled it all up and found hardwood under there! He was so impressed that we ended up pulling all the carpet up in the house. We only had to have the hallway resurfaced and fixed. But I digress! 

I have done a few things this weekend. Reworking the mantel and created a wall of framed maps.

I had a dark painting of fruit above my mantel for winter/after Christmas and it was just feeling too drab. So I took everything down and off the mantel and decided to do frames and mirrors. I am not done the decorations yet, but this is how the layering of the frames looks:

Interesting... I see the mirror is reflecting the photos I have on the opposite wall in this photo. I have 2 mirrors and 2 frames stacked together. White, silver, platinum and gold. I have my fall mantel posted here if you are curious to see that.

While I was downstairs getting some laundry done, my son found some old toys that he wanted to play with. He wanted to stay down there so I went ahead and started to tackle my scrapbooking room mess. I noticed 5 IKEA frames that I had purchased before Christmas and remembered that I wanted to do a project with them. It was inspired by something I found on Pinterest.

This is my guide for the wall hangings. After I cut out all the States/Provence that I have lived in, I taped this on the wall to see where I wanted to hang the pictures up at. 

Here is the result. I did not  end up putting them exactly where I put the push pins but they are close. I wanted to have the same amount of spacing between the frames but have them placed in relatively the same space as they were on the map. Sorry I had to take the photo sideways because there is a closet right in front of that wall.

Next project I might like to do is to take all of our license plated from each place and string them together. Inspiration maybe something like another project I found on Pinterest.