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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ABC Album

I have been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking lately and I am very excited to get everything done and caught up! This album is of my favorite pictures in 2001 made into an ABC album. I will get this one printed into a hard bound book next month when I get back from Australia!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Upward Basketball

Upward is an evangelistic sports ministry specifically designed for kindergarten through sixth grade boys and girls that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in every child. In addition to basketball, Upward offers cheerleading, soccer and flag football programs to complete your Upward ministry. Upward provides opportunities for all believers, no matter what denomination, to become meaningfully involved in the ministries of your church. They will have the opportunity to pray for your program, coach a team, referee a game, share a devotion, and develop relationships in order to open avenues of ministry to the people of your community who will participate in your program.

Star awards are given to every participant at the end of each practice and game for the purpose of encouraging and building self-esteem of each child. Instead of the outcome of the game, the focus is shifted to the attitudes and efforts of each child on the team or squad.

Here is my little boy with his Upward Basketball team. The pictures didn't turn out very good because of the lighting in the gym... but they are all I have so I used the best ones and used the Gamma Correction on some of the darker photos. They look better printed out than on here with a lower quality resolution.

Note: in the first photo he was actually sick that day but we took him anyway because it was picture day! Also, check out the video at the bottom. Hunter is the one with the white wrist band on! LOL!

Monday, March 05, 2007

SO Inspirational

This clip from the movie "Facing The Giants" really inspired me today:

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy 7th Birthday Hunter!

Today my sweet boy turned 7 years old! He had a great party with 3 of his friends, Terry, Ian and Preston.